Wocket FAQ


  • What is Wocket ™?

    Wocket™ is a smart wallet. Like the smart phone and smart watch, NXT-ID is introducing its innovative, patent-pending Wocket™ as the next natural step in the evolution of smart devices.
  • What does Wocket™ do?

    Wocket™ locks all of your private information in an electronic “vault”, where only an authenticated owner can authorize access to the data. Thus, you can “lock it with Wocket™ in your pocket”, protecting your private information from unauthorized access.
  • What makes Wocket™ smart?

    Wocket™ smart wallet protects all of your private information inside an electronic vault while reducing the number of cards in your wallet. Dynamic pairing for authentication and encrypted data transfer with other secondary devices along with a plethora of new, innovative features makes Wocket™ the smartest wallet ever devised.
  • How is Wocket™ different from other smart card solutions?

    Wocket™ is not a smart card – it is a smart wallet. Thus, it can communicate with smart cards, but is not limited in the number, type, or method of communication of private information that typically restricts the use of a smart card. Furthermore, Wocket™ is not dependent on proximity or any other external factors to secure and choose soft-cards containing private information.
  • How is Wocket™ different from other digital wallet solutions?

    Rather than replace a wallet as many “digital wallet” technologies attempt to do, we chose to improve the wallet. Unlike other digital wallet solutions that depend on connectivity to choose a payment account, Wocket™ does not depend upon the cloud to select or make a payment.
  • Does Wocket™ require another device, such as a cell phone?

    No. Although Wocket™ does not require any other peripheral for security or “proximity sensing”, Wocket™ can authenticate with secondary devices prior to transaction as an additional step in security as well as utilize a Wocket™ app on other devices to select or manage a soft-card, all without revealing private information.
  • Will Wocket™ make my wallet thinner?

    Wocket™ is your wallet! Not only is it the smartest wallet you will ever own, it also keeps your wallet thinner while protecting your identity by reducing the number and types of cards that you carry.
  • How small is Wocket™?

    Wocket™ size varies with accessories, but can be much smaller than typical wallets, as small as 3.678″W x 2.75″H x .39″ high!
  • How does Wocket™ protect against identity theft?

    Wocket™ protects whatever information you store in it so that it cannot be released to any other individual or device without your permission.
  • How do I access my private information?

    A combination of biometrics, personal PIN or pattern provides multi-factor security for your Wocket™. Once Wocket™ verifies your identity, you can simply select whatever soft-card or information you want from the touch screen display, or in some configurations, your voice command.
  • Can any other device access your private information?

    No. Only a device that authenticates itself to the Wocket™ via dynamic pairing can access your private information.
  • What is Dynamic Pairing?

    Similar to pairing devices via bluetooth, dynamic pairing is a patent-pending method to pair devices dynamically, where each device dynamically generates psuedo-random pairing codes that are recognized by other devices.
  • Why buy a Wocket™?

    Wocket™ replaces all the cards in your wallet. Wocket™ keeps all your information private while reducing the # of cards you have to carry with you. Wocket™ is smartest wallet you will ever own.
  • How does Wocket™ work?

    All payment cards and other dynamic stripe cards are swiped directly into the Wocket™ during the initial set-up process. Barcodes and text, such as voter’s registration, loyalty and/or membership cards, may all be scanned or entered into the Wocket™. All information is encrypted by the owner’s personal biometric stamp and can be accessed via a low power touch screen or optionally, a voice command.
  • What about payment cards, such as credit and debit cards? How are payment cards supported?

    For payment cards, our innovative voicematch™ algorithm authenticates the voice, selects the card, and sends the information a single dynamically programmable card included with every Wocket™. Once programmed, user’s may simply swipe the dynamic card anywhere payment cards are accepted to make a payment.
  • Are other methods of payment and/or transferring information supported besides dynamic magnetic stripe?

    Yes, other methods of payment and transfer of private information are supported, such as barcodes. Wocket™ also supports authenticated transfers via bluetooth, with other optional methods such as NFC and acoustic planned in the near future.
  • What barcodes are supported?

    Virtually any barcode that is used for transfer of private information is supported, including QR, PDF-214, Code 128, etc.
  • What types of cards are supported?

    Credit, debit, ATM, loyalty, gift, ID, membership, insurance, ticket, emergency, medical, business, contacts, coupon…virtually any card can be protected on Wocket™.
  • May I even put ALL my Loyalty cards on the Wocket™?

    Yes, you scan or enter ALL of your Loyalty cards!
  • How many cards can be securely stored on a Wocket™?

    Up to 10,000 cards, records, coupons, etc. and up to 100 voice commands can also be stored on Wocket™. More can be supported with optional additional memory.
  • Can other private information be stored on Wocket™?

    Yes, virtually any private information, whether on a card or not, can be input and encrypted within Wocket™. For instance, general private information such as emergency and/or medical records can be input and encrypted on Wocket™, and transferred via any supported communication method via dynamic pairing.
  • What about cash?

    Cash is also supported by attaching an accessory to the Wocket™ smart wallet.
  • How can I prevent my cards from being stolen?

    While we can’t ensure that your card never gets stolen, we can guarantee that it’s worthless to anyone that gets ahold of it. Each time after the dynamic card is used, it is zerorized. Thus, it is merely blank piece of plastic to any ambitious thief.
  • How can I prevent my cards from being cloned if my Wocket™ is stolen?

    Your Wocket™ is biometrically locked to you and you alone. If your Wocket™ was stolen, the data would not be accessible to anyone that doesn’t have your biometric stamp of approval.
  • What about RF skimming – does the Wocket™ require RF blocking like other wallets?

    No. Since our dynamic card is zeroized after each use, no RF blocking is required for Wocket™ or its associated dynamic card. However, some accessories allow for other cards to be stored in Wocket™ smart wallet, and thus can have RF blocking to accommodate these 3rd party cards.
  • What styles and colors can I get with my Wocket™?

    You may choose accessories! Wocket™ is the first wallet to be fully accessorized to offer various styles, textures and colors to support a variety of common uses. For example, multiple interchangeable accessories enable users full customization of Wocket™ to take one accessory to the gym while choosing another accessory for a social event. Wocket™ is the first smart wallet that can also set a new fashion statement.