MobileBio™ wocket™


The world of wallets is about to change. New exciting technologies are making payments easier than ever. However, many credit card holders either do not possess a smartphone or will be reluctant to use their smartphone for mobile payments due to a variety of reasons.

Rather than depend on a potentially unreliable cell phone, NXT-ID introduces a truly next generation digital wallet: Wocket™ smart wallet. This unique technology takes a very different approach: Instead of replacing the wallet, we are improving it! Our innovative Wocket™ reduces the number of cards in your wallet while supporting virtually every payment method currently available at Point-of-Sale (POS) at retailers around the world including magnetic stripe, EMV/NFC (Coming Soon…) and barcode…all within a secure vault within your wallet.

Now you can use the wallet you know and love, but with the Wocket™ advanced secure electronic wallet technology from NXT-ID.

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