Superior Booking and Release

3D-ID’s 3D FaceMatch™ provides simple and effective solutions for booking and release with unparalleled accuracy. 3D FaceMatch’s facial recognition technology is ideal for prison systems where efficiency and accuracy are critical.

Unmatched 3D Forensics

By comparing images taken from two nearly identical points of view, 3D FaceCam software finds every tiny visual feature on a face (including individual hair follicles) and triangulates the precise distance of each feature from the camera’s position.  This produces accurate 3D facial imagery, unmatched by any other 3D forensic imaging system.

Integrated Multi-Modal Biometric Solutions

Integrating multiple biometrics such as face, finger, voice and/or eye together further improves accuracy. Never release the wrong prisoner again with 3D-ID’s multi-modal solutions.

Learn More About Applications of 3D-ID Technology Solutions


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