Law Enforcement

Multi-Modal Biometric Law Enforcement Tools

3D-ID by NXT-ID provides Law Enforcement agencies with the technologies necessary to perform a wide range of critical operations. Now, Law Enforcement professionals have the essential tools to advance composite sketching, mugshot, booking & release and advanced forensics using powerful biometric technologies such as face, finger, voice, and eye.

World’s First Fully 3D Face Composite Sketch Tool

Using patented 3D morphing technology, Law Enforcement professional can now sketch a truly accurate composite with amazing 3D life-like features.  3D SketchArtist™ goes beyond ordinary sketches by creating rapidly evolving mock-ups that can be modified with a simple click of the mouse. Facial features, poses, expressions, and even lighting can be modified to reflect a witness’ description within seconds.

Advanced Mugshot and Booking Technology

3D FaceCam™ provides Law Enforcement with the best possible mugshot technology available using advanced 3D technology. When combined with 3D FaceMatch™, mugshots can be captured in 3D, improving the accuracy of the mugshot and making it ideal for booking and release Law Enforcement applications.


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