Homeland Security

Biometrics for Military and Homeland Defense

3D-ID offers a number of biometric technologies for Military and Homeland Defense. These technologies include face, finger, voice, iris and eye recognition, as well as multi-factor combinations to further improve accuracy.

Portable Biometrics

In addition to advanced active technologies, 3D-ID provides biometric solutions for unobtrusive and inconspicuous operations. These “passive” technologies have a wide range of applications and can be optimized for portable, low power electronics for use by Military and Homeland Defense.

Indoor/ Outdoor Spoof-Proof Biometrics

Many 3D-ID solutions will work indoors and outdoors.  Even in full sunlight, they provide Military and Homeland Defense operations with the best possible tools and analysis in the field. Even in this wide range of settings, the solutions cannot be fooled by photos, video imagery, cosmetics, masks or disguises. Optimized for small and miniature rugged applications, these versatile solutions are designed to provide a critical technological edge in the field.

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