Access Control

Non-Intrusive Biometric Access Control

3D-ID’s 3D FaceMatch™ Leverages patented FaceVision 3D technology from Genometrix, precisely sensing up to a million points on a face without using lasers or projected patterns.  The resultant unique shape information is then compressed into a small 3D biometric template containing a complete 3D shape signature of that individual face. These 3D signatures can then be rapidly compared to other templates in a database for authentication.

Pose and Lighting Invariant

Unlike 2D recognition methods where performance is highly variable depending on scene lighting, head pose, facial expression, eyewear, facial hear and cosmetics, 3D FaceMatch’s templates and performance remain invariant over an extremely wide range of imaging variables.  This makes 3D FaceMatch™ an essential element in reliable, scalable and convenient biometric access control solutions.

Unmatched Access Control Performance

By integrating multiple biometrics such as face, finger, voice, and/or eye together, 3D-ID significantly improves the accuracy of user authentication. 3D FaceMatch™ cannot be fooled by photos, video imagery, cosmetics, masks or disguises.



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