Is NXT-ID Inc. (NASDAQ: NXTD) A Secret Weapon Against ID Theft?

Alarm has been sounded over alarming rise in frauds involving identity theft. Growing terror threats have also increased the demand for enhanced screening at airports. Can NXT-ID Inc. (NASDAQ: NXTD) be of help and how can that impact its financial performance? NXT-ID Inc. (NASDAQ: NXTD) is known for its security technologies that encompass secure digital […]


WorldVentures Celebrates Miami, Announces Technology Innovation Updates and Gives Back at Local Boys & Girls Club

As part of the event the company announced the This Is Next promotion for its new SmartCard in development. Between July 16–Aug. 26 the first 1,000 qualified U.S.-based Representatives will earn the right to purchase the new SmartCard to be used during the beta testing period targeted for end of Q4. The technologically innovative SmartCard […]



The word smart has become something of a commodity in the technology world. Everything is being labeled as a smart device. Many of these devices seem to be sold to simplify your life, while adding more functionality. I’m testing a new device called the Wocket, and its the smartest wallet you’ll ever own. Its made […]


5 Gadgets That Every Entrepreneur Should Own

Wocket Wallet And finally, money management is a huge concern for everyday consumers and entrepreneurs alike. Wocket Wallet, a smart wallet which lets you store all of your debit and credit cards helps to merge business and tech in an efficient way – similar to Google or Android Play. It comes with a Wocket programmable […]


NXT-ID surges after disclosing a $1.2M smart card pre-payment

NXT-ID surges after disclosing a $1.2M smart card pre-payment Jun 15 2016, 12:41 ET | About: NXT-ID Inc. (NXTD) | By: Eric Jhonsa, SA Eye on Tech, SA News Editor  NXT-ID (NXTD +13.8%) has received a $1.2M pre-payment from vacation club membership provider WorldVentures to help pay for an initial production run of smart cards […]