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“On average, people store assets worth $37,438 on mobile devices…with 500 million mobile banking users expected by 2015,” according to Lookout, Inc.

wocketAdtabMobile payment mediums such as magnetic stripe, NFC, 3G and virtually any communication medium are inherently insecure, leaving card numbers and other personal information vulnerable during a payment transaction. Increased use of mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets and digital wallets only exacerbates the security problem. As an increasing number of institutions allow financial transactions to take place over mobile communications, new innovative and flexible solutions are needed to secure critical information.

MobileBio™ technology solves even the most challenging mobile commerce security problems with innovative products and solutions that ensure your critical data is protected 100% of the time, while transmitted over any medium and on any mobile platform.

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“This summer, hackers destroyed my entire digital life in the span of an hour,” says Wired senior writer Mat Honan.

mcommerceWith a focus on the growing m-commerce and computer security markets, NXT-ID is launching our advanced MobileBio™ technology that secures consumers’ platforms via innovative authentication and encryption. MobileBio™ services include the design and development of software and hardware for a variety of mobile security applications, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.  

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“77% of respondents use mobile devices for business…51% reported a breach in organization data due to devices,” according to Lookout, Inc.

enterpriseAs more users choose to perform business “on-the-go” using mobile devices to access their corporate servers, businesses have to think about new methods to ensure their corporate data is secure.  Biometrics offer methods to authenticate users at some mobile devices, but generally a lack of interoperability causes vulnerabilities across all mobile devices.  An end-to-end security solution is needed to ensure corporate security from across a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

MobileBio™  provides distinct advantages within these markets by filling an interoperability gap left by traditional biometric solutions.

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